Black Rat Traders




Naeathisar was a Sea Elf. Her name meant "Ancient Eternal Quest". During a scouting mission she became entangled in the anchor of an Empire ship, the Renown. After days of torture for information she was confined to the ship's cells and left to rot. In this time a mutiny occurred in which the Renown was taken by her crew and renamed the Black Rat. She was released by the new captain and given the choice of returning home or joining them.

The effects of prolonged exposure to the extra oxygen and previous torture had driven her slightly mad and she happily joined instead of returning to the sea. She was in the service of the Black Rat and her allegiance was with her crew. Lugus promoted her to First Lieutenant from Leading Hand on taking command.

Naeathisar took part in all the major campaigns of the Gathering 1106 - faction battles, the Cadre War and the Cataclysm itself. Scarred by the huge amount of death she witnessed in the latter battle, Naeathisar decided to dedicate her life to healing. Rather than accept the captaincy of the Black Rat offered by the newly-retired Lugus, she passed this on to Telbar and joined Aranwe in her healing quest.

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