Black Rat Traders


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29th August 1105

Disaster! Betrayal is heaped upon betrayal!

Come the morning neither the Captain nor Lt Goldsworthy had returned. As the Gathering Of Nations drew to a close we struck camp and returned to the ship, only to find her gone! Rovalan, with the help of Goldsworthy has taken the Rat. Luckily for us they had obviously planned upon a speedy getaway as they had left the captured brigantine that the Rat had been towing.

As I write this, myself and what remains of the crew are aboard the brigantine and in pursuit.

The crew now seem to regard me as their captain and I shall do my damnedest to live up to their expectations. I now, here in these very pages, vow that I shall retrieve the Black Rat, whether that be by diplomacy, guile or blood! The Rats will return stronger for their hardships and I shall endeavour to preserve their freedom and their faith in me.

Where we go one, we go all!

Signed this day Monday, 29th August 1105
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1st. Lt.

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