Black Rat Traders



Moronkorg Piskit

Moronkorg Piskit is the elder brother of the renegade Cargarg Piskit, the former Black Rat Security Officer. Moronkorg was sent by his father - a tribal elder - to serve aboard the Black Rat in atonement for Cargarg's betrayal. Moronkorg is altogether meaner and darker in nature than his younger brother, but is just as intelligent. He also communicates well with humans, having lived amongst them for extended periods of time at his father's behest.

Moronkorg joined the crew at the Gathering 1106. Following Acting Captain Naeathisar's decision that the crew should do as they may pre-Cataclysm, he spent much of his time drinking in the tavern, gambling in the casino, or going about with a gang of Night Goblins. He also fought with the Gryphons' faction and in the Cadre Wars.

After the Cataclysm, Moronkorg elected to remain aboard the now-renamed Astral Silver as its Security Officer.

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