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24th August 1106

Once again I find myself, Naeathisar, filling in this log in the Captain’s absence. On our making port, Capt. Lugus was prevented from disembarking by the Militia, his banishment incurred at the Heartland Games apparently still being in effect.

We have established camp, and now only await the arrival of Einar. The location of the Rattery has been agreed with the Gryphon High Command and will be erected on the morrow.

In the tavern and the market place, all talk is of the forthcoming Cataclysm. All the crew have been warned to take steps to protect the existence of both themselves and the Black Rats as a crew.

Where we go one, we go all!

Jack Goldsworthy has been sighted, now allied to the Harts and apparently with his own ship and crew. Information has reached us that he has put a bounty of 10GP on the heads of myself and Telbar. While I find it difficult to think he has the funds, we shall nevertheless proceed with due caution.

Signed this day Thursday, 24th August 1106
Acting Captain

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