Black Rat Traders




As an Incantor, Blodhim was the ship's Soothsayer, Seer, Shaman and Necromancer. He first encountered the Black Rat in the service of Prince Vadek of the Unicorns, when he was sent to assess the crew after Rovalan petitioned for Unicorn citizenship. Enjoying the adventure, he decided not to return to court life.

His main dutues in 1105 were to act as Rovalan's advisor and as the ship's potion maker. In the intervening year between the Gathering 1105 and 1106, he went into retreat in a Monastery to study both the arts of necromancy and swordsmanship. Blodhim put his new skills to good use, acting as bodyguard to the Mer-Maidens dance troupe.

After the Cataclysm, Blodhim returned to the Monastery to continue delving in to the arts of war and wizardry.

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