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28th May 1110

I arrived at North Star Isle in the territory of the Unicorns aboard the Astral Silver, putting in at early evening. Lugus was already there, coming earlier by transport circle. I wonder why Lord Dredd has chosen a location overrun with Demonic Pirates for the Fayre - I suspect it is to rid himself of them with minimal loss of Unicorn life.

When I caught up with Lugus, he was in a fine humour. He had made company with a couple of barbarians, Facesmasher and another who we know as 'Feathers' from the bright red ones in his helmet. My old mucker and Facesmasher had a two Stell wager that Lugus could not purloin a feather from the eponymous barbarian's headgear. When the three went into the Casino, Lugus managed to deftly steal one and hung it over the Casino door as a trophy! Facesmasher duly paid up.

Come the evening, disaster for the Militia! Our Guildmaster and my friend, Owen, has been murdered! He was found, stabbed to death, behind the stalls of the hawkers of food. Investigators and patrols went out in force, trying to find leads. Lugus and I went with a strong force to assist the Bears, who were under attack by powerful demonic pirates. Both he and I were fatally struck down but fortunately healed, he on the field and I in the Bears, having been dragged there under Sanctuary. Eventually, the gribblies were seen off. With no more leads on Owen's murder, we retired for the night.

Signed this day Friday 28th May 1110
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