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23rd August 1107

Well, well, well. I had a message from me old mucker Lugus. He's fed up with growing chrysanthemums, and has seen the potential of making a bit of cash by joining the clergy! He tells me that he's signed up with a bunch of paladins called The Knightly Order, dedicated to the worship of the Blue Lady of Equezzra. I can't see anything in it myself, but it should be an experience if nothing else.

So, I've brought the Astral Silver to The Gathering, and have been introduced to the Brothers and Compassionate Sisters by Lugus. There's the leader, Brother Maurice, Brother Pierre-Patrice and Brother Frederick, who I've not yet met. There are two Compassionate Sisters, Sister Katerina and Sister Juliette.

They all seem good enough companions, though Brother Pierre seems a little unstable. Being from Lyonnesse, zey 'ave zis very silly accent I can't get my tongue round.

Tomorrow is my initiation into the Brotherhood. All I know is that it involves alcohol, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Signed this day Thursday, 23rd August 1107
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