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26th August 1107

This post-cataclysm Time of Plenty has attracted jealousy of the worst possible kind to the World of Erdreja - the jealousy of Demonkind. Thus, the Knightly Order marched with the rest of the Gryphon faction, the Brothers to fight and the Sisters to heal.

At the muster, the Order received many magical items of great power. Brother Maurice was presented with a powerfully enchanted shield. Brother Lugus received Paladin Armour and Brother Pierre the Tabard of Charlemagne. I was given a magical staff empowered to cause great injury to demons, and nicknamed by my fellow Gryphons the 'demon magnet'.

The battle itself was a bloody affair. The Knightly Order did its fair share, and took its share of injuries. At one point I found myself isolated and totally surrounded by demons. Hopelessly outnumbered, I fell, and the magical staff taken from me, though my life was spared.

That evening, there was much revelry in the Gryphon command tent. Brother Maurice was appointed a Paladin Commander. A short service was held in worship of the Blue Lady, including the revealing of a prayer written by me and dedicated to her. It was much appreciated, and is to be set to music by a Chevalier bard.

Signed this day Sunday, 26th August 1107
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