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29th August 1106

We sailed overnight down the coast, putting some distance between us and the horrors at the end of the Gathering. The crew is dispirited and shocked, not least by the departure of Lugus. In the Captain’s Cabin, we found a note on the table, weighted by the Captain’s Ring. It read:

“Say what you like about Rovalan, at least he could keep the crew together, which is more than I seem to be able to do. I’ve decided to retire. Maybe I’ll go back to me old ways. I leave the Black Rat in Naeathisar’s capable hands. Don’t try to find me.”

The crew think Lugus is being harsh on himself, but they will respect his wishes, not least because he has a four day start on us. Others, too, have thought long and hard about their futures. Thora Ironsword has formally tendered the resignation of her commission, and has left for her tribal homeland with Einar in his sloop. The Mer-Maidens have asked to be put ashore and have gone their separate ways. Blodhim has gone back to the monastery for retreat and contemplation. Aranwe and Silas are taking Rachel to the wilderness until her Lycanthropy is cured, and I shall go with them.

Despite Lugus entrusting the Black Rat to me, what I saw on the Cataclysm battlefield has drawn the warrior’s fire from my belly. So impressed was I by the quiet courage of Aranwe in that bloody fight, I have decided to give my life over to the healer’s art, and she has agreed to instruct me. I therefore pass command of the Black Rat to Lt. Telbar. I shall miss this ship and her crew, but my time aboard her is done.

Signed this day Tuesday, 29th August 1106
Acting Captain

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