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3rd May 1109

We rose typically late in the morning and headed off to the tavern. Neither Lugus nor I remember much of the afternoon; however we are reliably informed that there was a lot of trouble involving Entropic Skeleton Warriors, Zombies, Wraiths and a Death Knight.

That evening we again visited Commander Owen of the Militia and his second. We were able to pick up some work bodyguarding Lady Driftwood, the High Mage as she went about conducting business with other Guild leaders. While outside the Alchemists Guild with Lugus and Lady Driftwood inside, I was enthralled by three dark spirits and led away. After searching me for magic weapons (and finding none) they fortunately decided to leave me temporarily paralysed rather than dead.

On making my way back to the Guilds, I was asked to act as a Militiaman looking after the person of Lady Miriam, head of the College of Light in the Incantors Guild at her quarters in the Harts camp. Duly provided with an official tabard, I found Lady Miriam to be 'somewhere else', safe. When it became clear that she was not returning that night, I was stood down and joined the rest of the Militia in guarding the Tavern.

Signed this day Sunday 3rd May 1109
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