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Telbar Yug

Telbar Yug

The youngest son of a cartwright, Telbar saw no future for himself in the family business. He enlisted in the Empire Army, serving for many years and achieving the rank of Drill Sergeant.

Life changed the day (or more specifically, night) he got horribly drunk and punched an officer. Put before a Court Martial, he was found guilty of insubordination and given two choices: execution or loss of rank and a transfer to the Navy, at that time chronically short of sailors.

Deciding that the second option offered greater life expectancy, Telbar went, grudgingly, to sea. Over time he adapted to the maritime way of life. What he did not adapt to, though, was the constant scorn and derision heaped on him by the ship's officers and NCOs for being a senior Sergeant broken back down to the ranks.

Telbar's resentment at this treatment became so great that he was one of the first to side with Rovalan in his mutiny, and he was rewarded for this with a Lieutenancy. His former experience in the Infantry lead to his appointment as the ship's Drill Master. Lugus subsequently promoted Telbar to Second Officer on assuming the captaincy of the Black Rat.

Telbar contributed to several Gryphons' rituals during the Gathering 1106 and also the one that began the Cataclysm. He came within a whisker of death in the Cataclysm battle.When Naeathisar passed over being captain of the Black Rat after Lugus' retirement, the role fell to him. Sickened by the horrors of the Cataclysm, Telbar renamed the Black Rat the Astral Silver and decided to opt for life as a legitimate, though very well-armed freighting vessel.

In 1107 he joined Lugus in a brief adventure into Paladinhood, before working for the Militia in 1109.

In 1110, just after being appointed a Watch Commander of the Militia, Telbar was killed while leaving the tavern late at night, his head blown off by a Mage Bolt. Whether this was as the result of Faction politics or a random act of violence is unknown.

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