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1st May 1109

After a short visit to the Halls of Asgard, much of the day was spent patrolling the marketplace and tavern. There were a couple of fights outside the Gryphon gate that were nothing to do with us, otherwise things were quiet until the night. There appear to be a lot of undead around. While watching a ritual which appeared to go wrong we were approached by the Militia commander, Owen, and his second, and are considering enrolling.

It was on the way back to camp that disaster struck! While carefully skirting round a Tarantula ritual at the transport circle, we came across a 'body' which all of a sudden reanimated. We'd walked into a Tranny trap! Lugus was paralysed while fighting off a half dozen, and robbed. While dealing with the same number I was magically struck down and paralysed also. After some debate over whether to turn me to undead, the Tarantulas struck me a fatal blow and left me with two stolen Stells over my eyes.

If it were not for Lugus, I would not be here writing this. My good friend, once recovered from paralysis, half carried and half dragged me to the Gryphon gate, where our comrades bore me in. Placed under Sanctuary, I was healed of all wounds and ills. Given the undead problem, we were closely checked to ensure our patterns were still uncorrupted. Once our credentials of Gryphons in good standing were confirmed, it was back to camp to sleep off our injuries and to plot revenge on the Tarantulas. They will pay!

Signed this day Friday 1st May 1109
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