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26th August 1106

Cataclysm approaches. It can be felt in the very air. Greater tension than usual haunts the Gathering. The usual faction disagreements have generated some work for our sword sharpeners.

I went with the faction, together with the Bears and the Wolves, to do battle with the Dragons. We prevailed, though our healers had much work to do, and I at one stage had to protect Lady Ash when she became isolated.

Moronkorg was sought out by some Night Goblins, and I gave him permission to pursue his own aims with them. I do not wish to know what they got up to.

Early in the evening, our singers put on a performance at the Rattery. Lady Ash, Lord Vultan and others of the Gryphon High Command attended, and the performance did justice to such illustrious company.

Telbar contributed to another ritual, though with some misgivings given that yesterday’s ended with the High Ritualist exploding. Today’s was simpler and went well, so he got out more or less intact.

Tomorrow, Cataclysm starts. I forgive the crew if they over-indulge tonight given that the Cadre War is almost upon us. It may be the last night for many of us...

Signed this day Saturday, 26th August 1106
Acting Captain

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