Black Rat Traders




Of Elven origins, Scrippy started his service aboard the Black Rat as a cabin boy having been discovered as a prisoner on board the Black Rat's brigantine when it was captured. With the departure of Black Sam Rackham, he was promoted to Boatswain.

He served the crew well, and did a fine job of collecting ingredients for Blodhim's potions during The Gathering 1105. At the same event in 1106, Scrippy and Boatswain's Mate Sparrow engaged in many activities including working for the Scouts' Guild, operating the Black Rat's sword sharpening service and a bit of random mugging. His greatest service was attacking and beating the traitor Jack Goldsworthy in combat.

Scrippy remained on the renamed Black Rat after the Cataclysm and was promoted to Second Lieutenant by Capt. Telbar. Following the death of Stryker Byle, he was third-in-command of the Astral Silver.

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