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Chain of Command

Chain of Command


Captain: Jerulius Rovalan Jerulius Rovalan's signature
First Officer: Lieutenant Lugus Du Lugus Du's signature
Second Officer: Lieutenant Jack Goldsworthy Jack Goldsworthy's signature
Lieutenant Telbar Yug (Drill Master): Telbar Yug's signature
Lieutenant Thora Ironsword (Keeper of the Ship's Log): Thora Ironsword's signature
Midshipman: Sparrion Sparrion's signature

Non-Commissioned Officers

Boatswain: Black Sam Rackham Sam Rackham's signature
Boatswain's Mate: Stryker Byle Stryker Byle's signature
Ship's Security: Cargarg Piskit Cargarg Piskit's mark
Steward: Shara Shara's signature
Astronomer: Blodhim Blodhim's signature

Chosen Crew

Naeathisar Naeathisar
Scrippy Scrippy
Sparrow Sparrow's signature

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