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Lugus Du

Lugus Du

Lugus could best be described as a career criminal, starting off as a thief before becoming a highwayman. His downfall was overconfidence - he failed to spot a page slipping away from a coach he was robbing. The page gave Lugus' description to the Militia and he was arrested in a nearby Tavern.

Given the choice of execution or being pressed into the Navy, he opted for the latter. He soon became firm friends with Rovalan and was his second in the mutiny, becoming First Lieutenant and Executive Officer afterwards.

After Rovalan's madness and betrayal, Lugus became the de facto Captain of the Black Rat, a position endorsed by those of the officers who remained loyal to the vessel. Having been banished from both the Heartland Games and the Gathering in 1106 by the Militia, Lugus retired from the captaincy and handed the vessel over to Naeathisar. The crew arrived back from the Gathering to find a note left behind, and their captain and his possessions, gone. Lugus' whereabouts were at that time unknown and his last message asked the crew not to try to find him.

In 1107 Lugus, now a hired sword and highwayman once again, saw money to be made and adventure to be had by joining the Knightly Order of the Blue Lady of Equezzra. He contacted Telbar, who joined him in the Order. Soon tiring of the restrictions of religious life, in 1109 he and Telbar strted working for the Militia as freelance bodyguards.

Upon his appointment as a Militia Watch Commander in 1110, Telbar made Lugus is second. Lugus died in the same manner and at the same time as Telbar: a Mage Bolt to the head late at night. It is not known if this was a random act or as a result of political intrigue.

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