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29th May 1106

We set sail at Noon, and are pleased to have our feet on the deck of the Rat again. The Games were a mudbath, and little by way of good trade occured.

Van Danglewell, it appears, has jumped ship. He was not his usual loud self when we broke our fast after last night's attack by Ninjas. He muttered about leaving something in the tavern, left camp, and did not return to take up his watch at Two Bells.

We struck camp and returned to the Black Rat, but there was still no sign of our errant crewman as we prepared to set sail. His personal effects had gone. I do not intend being late to meet the Captain, and have given the order to set sail without van Danglewell.

It is now midnight. I hope to meet Captain Lugus and Lt. Telbar at the start of the Middle Watch.

Signed this day Monday, 29th May 1106
Acting Captain

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