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27th August 1106

Cataclysm started early, when we found the Rattery destroyed by natural forces. I know not which of our crew fought for which Cadre in the great battle, and it is not my place to ask so. All I will say is that Aranwe and I were like-minded, so I acted as her guard why she healed.

Battle done, our singing troupe, the Mer-Maidens, lightened the air by performing before the Bards’ Guild. Invited back for the Bard’s Contest that evening, they were placed a most creditable third.

Boatswain Scrippy and his Mate Sparrow encountered one Jack Goldsworthy and gave him a lesson he will not forget in a hurry. I commend them for this action, but must rebuke Sparrow for his arrest by the Militia for over-zealous mugging. He is on pain of death if caught again.

Come evening, Moronkorg lost his money at the Casino, while curiosity drew myself and the Mer-Maidens to witness a Drow ritual in the Temple, with Blodhim guarding. Lts Ironsword and Telbar were both subject to sneak attacks by a Night Goblin that had been haranguing us all day. Telbar returned the favour for which he was promptly arrested by the Militia, though he was soon released without charges.

Tomorrow, the factions unite to try and save the world of Erdreja. Whether or not there is an entry in this log for tomorrow will say enough about the outcome…

Signed this day Sunday, 27th August 1106
Acting Captain

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