Black Rat Traders


Casper van Danglewell

Casper van Danglewell

Casper was born to the nobility and enjoyed a privileged upbringing. Something of a philanderer, a dalliance with the daughter of a powerful lord wrought disaster on the House of van Danglewell. After a two-year seige and with their castle about to fall, the family attempted an escape under cover of darkness. They ran into enemy soldiers and only Casper got away, homeless, penniless and with the family title revoked.

Unwilling to take on real work, Casper became a Gentleman thief and con artist. He enjoyed seveal years of success; however after relieving the daughter of a Chieftain of the Isles of Lantia of her purse and her virginity, he found himself facing a ten year jail term.

Casper managed to escape the Magistrate's militia. Having had previous experience at sea, and knowing of the Black Rats' reputation, he sought a meeting with the senior staff and requested to join the crew. He was taken on as Boatswain's Mate, though there were some reservations about his arrogance and mysoginistic tendencies.

The Heartland Games 1106 showed Casper that he was not cut out for hard work and a dangerous life, so he jumped ship when they finished.

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