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8th August 1109

A good day!

Owen arranged training for us, and now both Lugus and I are immune to fear. Lugus' katana was enchanted to go straight through armour and I have armour mastery which makes me very difficult to drop. He also came good on our payment for the bodyguarding we did at the last moot, so our purses are now somewhat fuller.

We celebrated our new-found good fortune in the customary fashion at the tavern before prudently heading back to camp to stash the cash. I reported back to Militia HQ while Lugus - whose age is clearly catching up with him - slept off his celebration.

The late afternoon and early evening were a bit of a blur. Apparently a Dragon ritual in the Tangled Tree transport circle got bashed up by Wraiths and Wights accompanied by a Death Knight. While that was going on we both found ourselves with a few extra Stells in our pockets and absolutely no idea how they got there.

As for the night, the less said the better. Largely because apart from sharing mead with the Lord High Jackal, I can't actually remember.

Signed this day Saturday 8th August 1109
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