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2nd May 1109

The day started late with a beer at the tavern when the sun was just over the yardarm. This was somewhat rudely interrupted when I was randomly paralysed by an itinerant demon. At least it apologised later!

After a further meeting (and beer) with the Militia command we went back to the faction fully intending to go back and sign up later. Alas, this did not happen. While sharing beer, rum, mead and various other alcoholic concoctions with the Gryphon rastafarian badgers and other friends, a 'guest' of someone's beguiled me. I was only aware of this when I was woken up in a dark corner with bite marks on my right wrist. Apparently I'd been a late evening snack for a vampire! Bloody undead! They're everywhere at the moment! It was quickly established that I was still alive, and while the rest of the faction went vampire hunting, I was instructed to wait in the command tent and fortify myself with mead and Lady Tyrwen's cheese.

Lugus went off guarding our healers as they went to the aid of the Jackals, and had a bit of a bundle there. I was on our gate as he was coming back, when a large force of not-quite-alive things interposed themselves. Cue another scrap. Lugus nearly had his left arm severed, and I was battered nearly to the Hells by enchanted flaming mattocks.

Given that steel was not having any effects on the enemy, we were supplied with powerfully enchanted swords and sent out with the Gryphon High Ritualist as guards while he did a bit of business. Typically, once we had the tools to get the job done, nothing occurred, and we were able to make our way back to the beer without incident.

Signed this day Saturday 2nd May 1109
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