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26th August 1105

6 Bells of the Afternoon Watch.
The first crew muster and missions allocated to those who had them.
3rd Lt. Thora Ironsword designated to keep the Ship's Log.
Scrippy and Sparrow given a mission to locate secret and hidden artefacts.
New crew members introduced.

First Bell of the Dog Watch.
Capt. Rovalan and 1st Lt. Lugus introduced themselves and our group to faction leader Lady Rowan. We were accepted into the Unicorns.

A quarter after first bell of the Dog Watch.
"Mosh" competition arranged by the Captain. The prize is a piece of silver. Final won by Scrippy, who took the coin offered by the Captain.

A quarter before three bells of the Dog Watch.
The Captain commended Scrippy and Sparrow for actions above and beyond the call of duty.

Trouble regarding demons.
Minor skirmishes.
No casualties.

Signed this day Friday, 26th August 1105
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