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28th August 1106

Cataclysm is averted! The world is safe! But at a terrible price. News was brought early on to us that the Ritual of Peace had been dispelled. Any that were injured and not treated would die this day. And so many did, or suffered a fate even more horrible than the Great Sleep.

Aranwe, Telbar and I mustered with the Gryphons for the great battle in which all the factions (less the Vipers and the Wolves, who refuse to take the field), will unite. A rift must be opened, the ancients reminded of their protective duties towards Erdreja, and it must then be closed. The fabric holding Existence from the Void will be so ruptured that who knows what will take the opportunity to attack.

Telbar, as a Ritual Contributor, was sent with the other Ritualists of all factions to start the ritual, while Aranwe and I joined a healer station of Gryphons, Bears and Unicorns. Opening ritual complete, Telbar joined me seconded to the Healers’ Honour Guard.

Huge void gates opened and wave upon wave of demons attacked as the four Cadre artefacts were retrieved and taken for the Sealing Ritual. Aranwe valiantly gave of her healing power, while Telbar and I found ourselves fighting demons as they outflanked our front line to attack the healers directly. I received some knocks and bangs and Telbar went down badly hurt twice. The second time, he missed death by a few minutes, saved when a High Incantor placed Sanctuary on him until he could be healed.

Eventually, our healers, powers used, could only bind wounds. Our party were aided by a mighty Tome of Healing belonging to the Bears, which gave healing powers to the binding of wounds. Formations broke down as more and more warriors were felled or thrown into the Void. A cheer went up as the Sealing Ritual finished, only for a massive void gate to open and expand across the whole battlefield. It was everyone for themselves. There was an explosion, and the rift closed. End of the world averted, we have returned to the Rat and the high seas, but Captain Lugus is gone.

Signed this day Monday, 28th August 1106
Acting Captain

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