Black Rat Traders




Aranwe was an Elven healer, who took passage aboard the Black Rat to the Gathering 1106. She joined the ship's singing troupe, the Mer-Maidens. Aranwe and her servant, Silas, had in their care a young fairy afflicted with terrible bouts of Ursine Lycanthropy. Their main reason for travelling to the Gathering was to find a cure for their Scary Beary Fairy, quest which proved fruitless.

Aranwe was renowned for her quick wit and sharp verbal ripostes, always getting the better of anybody in a duel of words.

Aranwe took to the field in many battles, giving of her healing power. She and Silas decided to take the Scary Beary Fairy into the wilderness until her affliction passed, accompanied by Naeathisar, who decided to devote her life to healing following the Cataclysm.

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