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7th August 1109

After a late morning ramble around the marketplace, Lugus and I settled in to guarding the beer. Somewhat later we met up with Owen and Tine from the Militia and joined up formally, Lugus receiving a sash of office and me a tabard.

Our first task was to go and arrest some hippie peace protestors who were interrupting a ritual - bad idea. After a quick restorative visit to the tavern we went out on patrol to the Harts so that Owen could pay his respects to the family of a fallen faction member.

We patrolled further around the eastern part of the camp - Vipers, Gryphons and Unicorns - and all was quiet. Quite the opposite was true at the guilds, where they were under heavy attack by some yellow bastards with some seriously heavy magic and enchanted weapons. Silver seemed to work better on them than steel so I guess they were undead. Lugus and I were wounded many times - there were mage bolts flying about - only to be patched up and thrown back into the fray. We did eventually win, then it was off to the marketplace for a well-earned beer and pizza.

We arrived back at camp to find it under seige by spirits who could walk through walls. There was a short fight, a lot of standing around looking threatening and they cleared off, at which point we were set upon by werewolves from our own faction!

Signed this day Friday 7th August 1109
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