Black Rat Traders




Shara began her Naval career as a cabin hand aboard the Empire ship Cardinal Sin until the day she was caught with her hand in the captain’s sea chest and far too much gold in her pockets.

As punishment for her crime she was marooned on the next deserted island that they sighted.

Two years later the Black Rat sent a party ashore in search of water and discovered the castaway. She was granted passage but so strong was her resentment of the Empire that she opted to join the crew.

Her time on the island had honed her culinary skills to such a point (she could make a decent meal from a sea bass, some greens and a pinch of seaweed) that she was soon appointed head steward, the previous holder of this post having sided with the old captain at the time of the mutiny.

Shara was an invaluable member of the crew, not just for her skill with a barbeque but also for her powers as a healer. Several members of the crew and their allies would not have survived if it were not for her skills. She remained aboard the Black Rat during the Gathering 1106 and was appointed a Second Lieutenant by the new Captain, Telbar. She was promoted to First Lieutenant in 1108 on the death of Stryker Byle.

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