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Things Said in 1110 that only make sense in a LARPing context

(...and sometimes not even then!)

You've got one nublie target and one slightly wobbly target.

I mixed up Vambrace and Viper and and it came out as Vampire.
You don't want to tell that to your head doctor.
Telbar and Lugus


I don't like milk.
Tabby the Beastkin cat

Why's your rat wearing a cloak?
He's in character.
J.B. and Lugus

Oh look! Two old coppers!
Less of the old, please.
J.B. and Telbar

Are you suffering from demonic possession or any debilitating Pattern effects?
No, and I'm not on prescription medication, either.
A healer and Lugus

Did you just Decay his nuts?
(Long pause as unfortunate victim clutches his bits in genuine agony)
Yes, I think I just did!
Two unnamed Unseely Fey monsters

Watch out! There's a bunch of really hard monsters out there!
It's all right, we just knocked off.
Unnamed young lady in the tavern and Lugus

I'd rather go round that way than rip my gonads off.

You can feel my beak.

What are Mage Bolts for if not for killing your friends?

Pull it over your shoulder then insert.
Ziban to Roaks

I've got Jagerstuff all over my pervert gloves.

That's better. The crow's got the pole straight up his arse again.

I was waiting for someone to straighten up the crow's arse pole.

You can f*ck as much as you like if you do it quietly. It's when you shout we have a problem.
Ziban to Zytalopram

Bang, bang, crash, f*ck!

Whoa! You're gonna burn a teddy!
No, I think I just painted it.
Zytalopram and Ziban

I've got a wasp on my crotch and another drinking my beer.

Why have we got three teddies in a frying pan?
We don't. They're in a saucepan lid.
Zytalopram and Ziban

Cold chain mail on the back of the neck. What more could a man want?

Is that my helmet stuck in your belt, sir?
It tickles like Death should.
Facesmasher and Deathman

Whatever God is, I need some more hair gel.

Your coat looks like you've been attacked by a flock of incontinent seagulls.

By my power, innate OW!
Uruk monster

You're coming with me into the tent.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
I was talking to my pouch!
I'll pretend I didn't hear that either.
Zytalopram and Ziban

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