Black Rat Traders




Sparrow joined the crew having been freed from captivity on the brigantine captured by the Black Rat. He bacame a cabin boy and resourceful finder of potion ingredients at the Gathering 1105 - even if the Clavion of Charge eluded him!

Following Lugus' ascendency to the Captaincy of the Black Rat, Sparrow became Boatswain's Mate. At the Gathering 1106 he worked with Boatswain Scrippy in his activities, including the 'jobbing' of the treacherous Jack Goldsworthy. He was reprimanded by Acting Capt. Naeathisar following his arrest by the Militia for over-zealous mugging, after which he was released on pain of death if caught again.

Sparrow remained aboard the Black Rat and worked his way up via Midshipman to the position of a junior Lieutenant.

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