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25th August 1106

Einar has arrived and is well-met. The imminent Cataclysm makes this Gathering more dangerous than most. Necromancers are everywhere. I fear we may return to the Black Rat a much diminished crew.

The Rattery Club is established, located close to the Gryphons’ Faction gate. It is a useful position, as many seem to think it is a command tent, and much information passes through our hands for us to pass on to the Gryphons’ command.

Our healers attended a meeting of their Guild to establish a course of action with the greater than usual level of violence that is expected. Telbar contributed to a Gryphons’ healing ritual that went badly wrong. Telbar and the rest of the contributors were very badly injured, and the Gryphons have lost their High Ritualist.

Several of the crew mustered with the Gryphons’ army, and, along with our Wolves allies, defended the Bears encampment. All our people came back in once piece.

In the Rattery, the sword sharpening trade has been slow. The trade in information has been faster. We were delivered scrolls meant for our High Command which turned out to be nothing more than Viper and Tarantula propaganda. We were also approached by the Lady Ash and asked to greet and entertain diplomats from the Wolves while she attended to an errand. 2Lt Telbar accomplished this task with the aid of a bottle of our finest Black Rat white wine, and enjoyed the hospitality of Lady Ash’s tent and the music of a most accomplished bard. Later we provided an escort for none other than Lady Cara, commander of the Wolves.

It is my intention that we continue to make ourselves useful to our Command, in particular by conveying information. It could be lucrative!

Signed this day Friday, 25th August 1106
Acting Captain

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