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30th August 1109

The weather this day was miserable: cold, windy and wet. After a quick visit to the Tavern with Pierre, Lugus and I returned to camp and spent the rest of the day to early evening drinking and playing poker.

Deciding we really ought to go and do something, we three went patrolling Murder Alley. We came across four overly-polite individuals behaving suspiciously and ran them off. While Lugus and Pierre went to the woods, I informed the Militia and went out with Sgt Morgan to our r.v. We missed each other in the dark, so Lugus went down to the Militia to find me and was immediately pulled out on patrol by Owen, and actually ran down a perp!

Meanwhile, our muggers turned up and Morgan, ignoring my hints, tried to parlay with them. This led to me getting cut down from behind as he ran. I was retrieved, patched up, and we went out on a largely unsuccessful mugger-hunt through the Trannies, Lions, Jackals and Bears, where our Captain found out he was not immune to paralysis!

Signed this day Sunday 30th August 1109
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