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A Prayer to the Blue Lady of Equezzra
Composed by Brother Telbar of the Knightly Order

(OOC note: best read in a comedy French accent with a pause at the hyphens)

The Blue Lady of Equezzra, she saved her folk from war
But she had a reputation, and some say she was a - Virgin
In time of need, she stood her ground, and standing, defiled Luck
She went amongst her enemies, and gave them a damned good - drink
From her goblet clad in fur and pelt, many men did sup
And many gained much pleasure from dipping her hairy cup
He foes, seeing betrayal done, then went to their rest
So the Blue Lady marched up to them, and bared to them her - army
With battle done, her foes awry, they launched a mighty hunt
Trapped she was, the Blue Lady, with hands laid on her - by the river
Tortured she was, felt fear and pain, felt sorcery and hex
But our Blue Lady of Equezzra just offered them group - forgiveness
Bound she was, put to the pyre, the heathens they did flock
The King of Evil, nemesis, gave her one almighty - telling off
The flames they leapt, the fire took, her body burned and singed
But one part remained inviolate, and our Church retains her - ashes
So now we bow in heads in prayer, for her sacrifice and that
Press your faces to the ground, and kiss her holy - remains


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