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9th August 1109

We took a late breakfast in the marketplace with Owen and Tine. They had a very interesting offer for us, wanting to stir things up in the Militia - upset the applecart, Owen put it.

Anyway, what he proposed, having scrutinised our activities over the last couple of days, was that one of us should take over the vacant Watch Commander position and the other act as his second. Lugus and I have agreed to this proposition. After talking things through, we agreed that I should take the Watch Commander position with my previous military experience, and he will be my Chief Adjutant. So now, I, Telbar Yug, with my history, am effectively the same rank as the Militia Guildmaster's second!

We slipped port on the afternoon tide and Lugus and I are sitting in my Day Cabin making plans. The Gathering looks like interesting and profitable times!

Signed this day Sunday 9th August 1109
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