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29th August 1109

Lugus, Pierre and I headed to the Tavern in the early afternoon. Lugus and I then went to the Militia Guild, where the two of us and a mage were tasked with escorting a Lady back to the Dragons. Lugus said 'This is much easier in the day,' and then two minutes later we were attacked by an Akari that couldn't be hurt by anything. We were patched up, sent out again and were carved up again - badly. By the time I was better and set out with a magic hammer, it was all over.

That was enough, so it was beer, then back for supper.

Back to the Tavern and the Militia. We escorted Garek to the Gryphon faction, just missing the end of a fight. After going out for another general rumble. Lugus and I were paralysed and fatalled by an Akari that came out of nowhere within sight of our own gate. Pierre scared it off by enchanting his weapon, but I will be having words about how long it took him to summon healers!

Signed this day Saturday 29th August 1109
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