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29th May 1110

The mood is black in the Militia Guild. Our tame Fire Elemental, Garet, has taken over as Guildmaster. Investigations into Owen's murder are ongoing and largely fruitless.

Garet found time to swear Lugus and I formally into the Militia. I guess this just confirms that the Astral Silver is a mere trading vessel and doesn't take part in anything shady - no, sirree, no. We celebrated in the tavern before going back to the Guild, just in time for an alchemical device to go off and gas everyone inside, leaving us nauseated and debilitated. Fortunately, the Healers' Guild turned out in force and fixed everyone.

In the early evening, Lugus and I were attacked by Nightmares. One moment we were guarding the door of the Guild, the next we were coming round, pale and shaking, in the Healers' Guild. I do not wish to recount the horrors we witnessed, save to say that Lugus had visions of intense pain, while I was haunted by my three dead siblings who did not survive our birth, for I was one of four in the womb.

We stayed with the Guild during the evening, going out in large patrols to gain information about Owen's death and to keep the peace. One group who were acting suspiciously turned out to be demon pirates. They were despatched with brutal efficiency.

Signed this day Saturday 29th May 1110
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