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30th May 1110

Lugus and I reported to the Militia Guild around midday, to find there was no progress on Owen's death. The afternoon was a bit of a blur as we spent it in the tavern watching Jugger Ball, but we heard that wave upon wave of Wights, Ghasts and other undead assaulted the Dragons, a scrap which drew in the Jackals, Gryphons and Unicorns as well!

We were back out on patrol with the Militia that evening. Just as a strong squad was about to go out, someone ran into the Guild to report a body near the lake. The patrol was split in two. One half, which I was in, went our original mission to go with Garet to consult with Lady Mar. The other half, with Lugus and Tine, went to investigate the 'body'. Tine spotted shifty figures lurking in the trees by the lake and diverted off to the Vipers' camp close by to get reinforcements. The ambush advanced on the patrol, who steadily made their way to the Vipers, and found the entire 95th Regiment waiting for them! The patrol passed through the lines, and the ambushers were massacred.

Our patrol, too, came across a squad of demonic pirates. Viper reinforcements and some sabre rattling ran them off. The two patrols met near the Guild and were dismissed, so it was back to the tavern we went!

Signed this day Sunday 30th May 1110
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