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28th August 1105

Today was a dark day for the Rats. The Captain ’s behaviour became more erratic as the day went on, with him making references to having been bitten by something and having an important appointment with someone that he would not name. If any crew member were to be alone with him I made sure that they took precautions.

With the evenings belly dancing taking place at the Bears and Dragons camps I anticipated trouble so took charge of the body guards myself. The show at the Bears went well and without major incident, though I witnessed sights in that brothel that may well leave me mentally scarred for life.

The show at the Dragons was cancelled due to them being repeatedly attacked and the guy that had booked the girls being busy with his sword. It was while taking a break in the Dragons bar that it became apparent to me that the Captain had been approaching individual members of the crew and attempting to cajole them into a demonic pact that he was planning to enter into. At this point I became seriously concerned and sounded out the crew as to loyalties should things turn ugly. Jerulius was a friend but I have fought long and hard for the freedom of this crew and was not about to let him sell that freedom for anything!

When Jerulius arrived I confronted him. He said that he had made a terrible mistake, that in return for the promise of great powers he had allowed himself to become possessed of a daemon and that if he failed to make a midnight appointment to complete the possession then he would be damned. Claiming that only a powerful mage could rid him of this curse he begged me for help.

Telbar came with me and I called in a couple of favours from the Gryphons who were more than willing to help.
It turned out that he was apparently possessed by nothing more than a mundane madness, which was cured by none other than Prince Vadek of the Unicorns (though I am unsure how trustworthy his highness is since he sprouted wings).

All seemed well until, as we were leaving the Unicorns ’ command , Jerulius turned on myself and the crew attacking us with magics. This was the final straw and I am ashamed to say that my temper gained the better of my reason. I mustered the crew and set out to find the Captain, who had run off following the attack. We eventually found him back outside the Unicorns ’ command, talking with the Lady Skrywhile. The red rage took me and, accompanied by several of the officers I took him down using his own hammer.

I was arrested upon my return to camp and was forced to pay a fine to ensure my own safety and that of the officers who had stood by me. Unfortunately the only money I had about my person was the takings from the evenings dancing (which I must now endeavour to repay at the earliest possible opportunity).

Exhausted I have made my way back to our camp. It is the early hours as I write this and the Captain has, so far, failed to return.

Signed this day Sunday, 28th August 1105
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1st. Lt.

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