Black Rat Traders


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Things Said in 1107 that only make sense in a LARPing context

(...and sometimes not even then!)

Where are the baby wipes?
Under the rubber chicken.
Sister Justine and Brother Telbar

Dwarves? Stumpy f*ckers!
Brother Frederick

You hold the demon magnet.
Brother Maurice to Brother Telbar

I think I might have to acquire myself a fairy at some point. I need some light relief.
Brother Pierre-Patrice

Undead girls are ze best. What's the worst that can happen?
Unknown Viper

No, don't put his pants on my spear.
Brother Maurice

We'll go to the market place slash beer tent.
Brother Maurice

I'm not gonna burn a goblin, I just want to cut down the rubber chicken.
Brother Telbar

Dwarven art installation.
Gnome known as 'Shortarse'

Can I have my demon magnet back, please?
Brother Telbar to Brother Pierre-Patrice

Six months of larping in an institution.
Gnome known as 'Shortarse'

There's cheese in my helmet.
Brother Lugus

Can you hold my chopper while I go for a p*ss?
Brother Lugus

I'm not going to discriminate against a demon because of his sexuality, this is the twelfth century after all! I'll discriminate against him because he's a bloody demon!
Brother Lugus

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