Black Rat Traders




Skelter was a former Empire Marine, who deserted from the ranks some time ago, and is still a wanted man for that transgression. Since that time he worked on many vessels, both traders and privateers, as either a sailor or a warrior.

Skelter had heard of the good booty and fair treatment aboard the Black Rat under Lugus' captaincy. An alcoholic and a boor, salacious comments to female crew and passengers did not make him popular. Disillusioned by the fact that the Black Rat crew did not rape every woman in sight, did not sack, burn and sink every vessel they came across and engaged in some legitimate trade, he jumped ship shortly after joining the crew at the Heartland Games 1106.

Skelter made his way to Rovalan's vessel, the Acheron. He is not believed to have survived its doomed encounter with Blackbeard.

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