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27th May 1106

Disaster has struck! During the night I was hexed by spells of summoning and confusion, which drew me from our encampment and into that of another. There was an altercation and the Militia summoned (not, unfortunately, our tame Captain). As I write this, they wait at our camp to escort me to port, as I have been banished from the Games!

I do fear me that this is no accident. There are too many coincidences. Rovalan is not here. A magician's attempt to have me killed at best or in touble with the authorities at worst, when Jerulius has been bragging about "spelling" Telbar and I. My separation from the the rest of our party here, or the abandonment of this mission altogether and our putting to sea.

I have to treat this as a scheme of Rovalan's to force me from the Ritual of Peace at the Games and back onto the ocean, where he may make an attempt to do away with me and as many other of the Rats as he can. I shall not give him what he wants, nor place my crew in danger. Our mission here at the games must continue, and therefore I place on record that I promote 1st Lt. Naeathisar to Acting Captain for the duration of the Games and instruct her to treat in my stead and keep this log.

Telbar will come with me as backup, and we shall take a small boat up the coast, meeting with the Black Rat at the end of the Games. If Rovalan is lurking in ambush over the horizon, he shall be frustrated!

Signed this day Saturday, 27th May 1106
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