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25th May 1106

The Black Rat put in to port for the Heartland Games at Four Bells of the afternoon watch. I took an advance party of 1st Lieutenant Naeathisar, Boatswain Scrippy and Boatswain's Mate van Danglewell and established camp with other Gryphons and our Wolves allies.

We adjourned to the Tavern, where Scrippy served us well eavesdropping on conversations for information. Although it was quiet, we were able to glean that we would have meetings for good and for ill. On the latter, Jerulius Rovalan is expected to put into port on the morrow. I shall deal with him when the time comes. For good, one Skelter is seeking us out, requesting to join the crew.

We encountered no hostile forces, though I anticipate tomorrow may be more lively!

Signed this day Thursday, 25th May 1106
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