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11th March 1106

A success at last! Maybe, our fortunes are on the up after the trials of the last year.

This evening, I and the senior officers journeyed to the Halls of House Gryphondwarf high in the eyries of Khaz-Kuruk for a celebration of the dwarven new year, hosted by the Arch Duke Vultan, Lord Protector of the Gryphon Nations. Some old friends were well met, much ale was consumed and we were treated to performances by the House Gryphondwarf dancers.

The main aim of the evening however was diplomatic. If we are to ally ourselves with the Nation of Lyonness then the right connections have to be made. The Arch Duke turned out to be a most agreeable fellow and he was able to introduce us the Lady Ash herself.

After some discussion we were accepted into the Gryphons and I have agreed with Lady Ash that the Rat may be put at her disposal for certain tasks that may require slightly more devious tactics than the Navy may be able to employ openly. The need for foodstuffs within the Gryphon Nations was also touched upon. Since the incursions of the Conclave, these have been in short supply and many areas are suffering from famine. I assured lady Ash that any cargo of food that we may ‘acquire’ would be sent to them as soon as possible.

There was, however one bad tot to spoil the barrel. Jerulius Rovalan, mysteriously recovered from his encounter with the Grim Reaper, was also in attendance. He started the evening with offers of friendship and reconciliation, which I was willing to accept but by the end of the night he was attempting to sow sedition among the crew and mocking me for attempting diplomacy over privateering. It seems wherever I turn my old ‘friend’ is there at my back with a blade drawn.

I promise you Jerulius, a day of reckoning is on its way and only one of us will walk away from it!

Signed this day Saturday, 11th March 1106
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