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28th May 1106

As I pick up this quill and write, the crew's morale is low. The Captain is gone, banished, and Lt. Telbar with him as his guard. I do my best to keep spirits up, but it is difficult. I enjoy the rain, being of the sea, but the incessant downpour washes away all cheer from most.

The weather means there are few to trade with; those taking part in the tourneys are interested only in that. Skelter, our new crewman, gets on well with van Danglewell, but some of their comments about ladies (and lady officers, in particular,) means I may have to take steps.

Some of the crew were ambushed by Ninjas on the way back to camp when the tavern closed. We suffered some injuries but no fatalities thanks to the timely intervention of the Empire Militia - such an irony! Things may have been different had they known who they were assistng! The encounter appears to have unnerved van Danglewell, however.

There is still no sign of Rovalan, so it is likely our guess about his plans was correct. I hope that the Captain and Telbar are safe...

Signed this day Sunday, 28th May 1106
Acting Captain

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