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25th August 1107

Today, I finally met the legendary Brother Frederick, generally regarded as the wisest and holiest of the Knightly Order. He arrived by transport circle early in the afternoon, and we gathered eagerly to hear his sermons.

Brother Frederick must have had a difficult journey, as he staggered immediately to the tavern, most unsteady on his feet. He was in need of much refreshment to steady his hands.

He freely dispensed much blunt personal advice both to the brethren and sistren of the Order and any others who happened to be in the tavern at the time. Many unfamiliar with the Knightly Order were unaware that Brother Frederick dispenses his wisdom in ways too obscure for mere ordinary folk to comprehend, and considered him to be an intemperate bigot.

For his own safety we reluctantly had to escort Brother Frederick back to the transport circle and send him on his way before any of the ignorant masses did injury to his person in frustration at their failure to interpret the words of a truly holy man. Suffice to say, with battle looming on the morrow, the whole Order is inspired by his visitation.

Signed this day Saturday, 25th August 1107
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