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Cargarg Piskit

Cargarg Piskit

Piskit was an Uruk, with all that entails. He got with the rest of the crew (because he'd been ordered to), and that's about all he did get on with. Surprisingly, he could get through most of a sentence without reverting to grunts and snarls.

He wielded a massive double-bladed axe. His favourite request of a Captain was "Permission to tw*t 'im, Sir?". "Permission" was the only 3-syllable word Piskit knew. The last person who tried to explain to him what a syllable was ended up with his ears on his shoulder blades and his brains decorating his shoes.

Piskit accidentally wandered on to the Black Rat shortly after the mutiny. He thought it was a quayside toilet. Hours later and 20 leagues out to sea, he emerged from the head (he'd been having lunch) and found the land had vanished. Rovalan decided that in the interests of safety - the crew's safety - he'd better give the Uruk employment (he actually said a "job" - "employment" has 3 syllables. And explaining what 'a job' meant was hard enough) and Security Officer seemed like a reasonable choice. Piskit didn't know what "Security" meant. It's got more than three syllables. He did know that he can go about tw*tting people in his job, so that kept him happy.

Piskit left the Black Rat having been gulled by Rovalan in to joining his crew. He had also been convinced that he had a vendetta against 1st Lt. Naeathisar. He is rumoured to have survived the destruction of Rovalan's ship, the Acheron.

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