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27th August 1105

A quarter after noon.

Sparrion not present for the first muster of the day. Scrippy given the duty of Boatswain for the day as Black Sam was recovering from a bout of poisoning. Sparrow and Scrippy commended by the Captain.

Two Bells of the Dog Watch.

Jack Goldsworthy reprimanded for his earlier lack of appearance throughout the afternoon watch. He had retired to quarters without permission or telling anyone. Scrippy and Sparrow handed over what they had collected for Blodhim's potion. Lt. Telbar to take drill on the morrow.

Five Bells of the Dog Watch.

Rank warrants handed out by the Captain. Ranks are as follows:

Rank 2:
Lt. Telbar Yug
Lt. Thora Ironsword
Midshipman Sparrion
Steward Shara

Rank 3:
Lt. Lugus

Rank 4:
Captain Jerulius Rovalan

Signed this day Saturday, 27th August 1105
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