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26th May 1106

After a quiet day, we have enjoyed an evening of diplomatic success! The Boatswain has befriended a young Skunk named Pepe, and between them they have worked the Tavern and the Casino bringing me valuable information, particularly about a certain Capt. Pugwash, an irritating fool who brings the good rank of Captain into disrepute. It is my intention to teach that jackanapes a lesson.

Telbar has arrived, returning to us safely from his mission . Also well-met was Arch Duke Vultan, who presented me with an enchanted gift as a token of his esteem. We were able to take a certain Militia officer into our confidence, who assured us that our removal of Rovalan from this life would go uninterrupted by the authorities.

We have made contact with Skelter, a former Marine and now a marked man. I like the cut of his jib, and am minded to take him aboard.

One thing disturbs me, however. We are back at camp after the closing of the Tavern, and there is no word that Rovalan has made landfall...

Signed this day Friday, 26th May 1106
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